Freelance lutenist & guitarist, editor, producer and tutor


...player of renaissance, baroque & classical/romantic guitars,
renaissance & baroque lutes,
vihuela de mano, theorbo (chitarrone) & recorders...

'an extremely talented young player' - Jacob Heringman

'A beautiful sound' - Dame Emma Kirkby (Soprano)

'a talented and intelligent young lutenist' - Jakob Lindberg

'I see absolutely no reason why he should not find a place at the very top of the profession' - Lynda Sayce

'Richard Mackenzie's theorbo was, certainly visually, the most eye-catching instrument, with its high neck stretching skywards: from this and the baroque guitar, he drew the most plangent tones with a subtlety of colouring, redolent of wood-panelled rooms, the intrigues, the courtesies, of 18th-century aristocratic life.' - Tony Bramley-Parker, OMS

'My other personal favourite was one of the ‘Iberian airs’ 'Teresica Hermana’, a solo played by Richard Mackenzie on his lute.' - Judi Moore, LBMS

'Beautiful lute playing' - Louis Peter Grijp

'Beautiful accompaniment... The theorbo, recorder and lute added what was needed to lift the music and transport us to the world of Carissimi and the other madrigals.' - Cathy Heller-Jones (London Metropolitan University)

'Concierto ameno y de muy buen nivel técnico, con la agradabilísima sorpresa del joven MacKenzie, de 21 años, tocando con destreza y calidad.' - International Lute Festival (Gijón, Spain - July 2011)

'Played by Richard MacKenzie, the suite we heard proved to be very much a delightful selection of courtly dances, but with some Spanish-influenced moments and with deft fingerwork from MacKenzie.' - Robert Hugill

'[The] solo programme choices were excellent [and] everyone thoroughly enjoyed [the] performances.' - Sarah Tenant-Flowers (from BBC2's 'Maestro')

'[Ralph Killey] the 'Penny Lane' poet... was in raptures over [the recital] as well!' - Linda McDermott (BBC Radio Merseyside)

'You played very memorably for us' - Christopher Dawe (Director of The Anton Bruckner Choir)

'Fantastic playing' - Kate Semmens (Soprano)

Extracts from various Lute Society performance reviews:

- 'extremely promising young player... Expect to hear more of this young player in due course!', December 2006
- 'gifted young player... He played with very attractive tone and great assurance', July 2008
- 'the music most enjoyable... A very big thanks to... [the] performers', August 2010
- 'Richard MacKenzie flew the flag for the lute repertoire', August 2011
- '[An] excellent player... Richard gave a slightly different perspective on the manuscript with music from concordant sources', July 2014


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